Have your own balcony?  So be ready with me to give a great and attractive look to your balcony. We all have a beautiful home and balcony, but many of us have confusion about:

  •  how to decorate their balcony? 
  • Which kind of plants suits you better?
  • Which pattern should organize?
  • Which type of pot to buy? 

Creating a gardening idea can be fun and enjoyable. According to research and psychological fact, the plantation is the best therapy to remove your stress. Greenery participates in creating a healthy and positive environment as well as giving an awesome look to your home. The first thing is what kind of balcony do you have? I mean there are many types of the balcony like sunny balconies, shed balconies, small balconies, etc. You should decorate your balcony according to your balcony shape. Get amazing balcony garden ideas .

Let’s get start step by step

  • Add a small table and chair

Excited to enjoy morning coffee with loved ones? Choose a round shape foldable chair and table which you can carry easily.

  • Use your wall space

Decorate your wall with a money plant, lush plant and you can also use hanging pots. If you want to use some attractive artificial plant it is easily available on markets.

  • Decorate your floor

It’s time to decorate your floor with an attractive grass flooring carpet. Use balcony size carpet and it gives an amazing look to the balcony. Plant hybrid and colorful flowers. Use small and colorful potted plants. Increase your balcony look with colorful stone inside pots. 

  • Styling balcony with special lights

After a busy schedule, everyone wants to need a refreshment with a cup of tea or coffee in the evening. Decorating your balcony with lighting is a great idea. It gives the center look of attraction. 

  • Hang pot in your railing

The railing is an important part of the home. Modern homes have attractive and stylish railings. So start hanging potted plants and decorate with money plants. 

“Everyone has hectic schedules after reaching home and wants to relax and make a peaceful time. So, spend quality time with your family and dear one. Enjoy your coffee and plan something new and surprising for your family and loved ones. #kuch pal to bitaiye sukun ke”.  

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