In this busy schedule, we forgot to enjoy our life. In this modern world we all get involved in the techno world. in this approximate trillions people are living.  all have different professions like some have jobs, some are housewives, businessmen etc.

We spend approximately 8-9 hours daily in work and it doesn’t matter which profession you have. We all have 24 hours in a day and we spend approximately 6-7 hours of sleep. Remaining hours we use on  some regular work. So the question is are we really human? 

We don’t  need to be part of the robotic world. We need some space for us, we need to make fun doesn’t matter if you have a large friend circle or not. You can enjoy yourself. And the good idea came to my mind when I saw a little girl enjoying music. We all listen to music, even some of them mentioned in our hobbies. I heard somewhere if you listen to your favorite music you feel relaxed and you get more positive energy. If we are getting bored then make some entertainment like Dance whatever you want.

Dance is the best to move your body and expression with rhythm. It also creates a healthy environment. If we talk about health point of view i think it is the best body exercise. Because when we move our body blood moves in all body parts that is good for our health. In workaholic days, we all have mental pressure. And you must relax your brain. Because all know the brain is the important part of our life it helps to function all body parts of us. 

So don’t think  much, on any kind of music and enjoy different dance forms why you hesitate you are not going to give any super dancer or DID audition. Nobody will judge you, so make some entertainment with yourself. Live your life without any hesitation. Keep your body and mind in positive mode.

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