We live in that world where we believe “children are god”. The overall world lives with different kinds of people. When a new baby is born we all stand for care. And this is good because we know newborn babies are so sensitive we must care for them.

We all use branded things for babies like baby oil, baby soap, shampoo, clean clothes etc. we all are aware about all these things but do we know as parents the most important things which we teach our children? We always see news channel, read newspapers which are happening around us.

So being parents our important duties are to keep eyes on our children at least till 5 years old. We are all busy with mobile and to keep children busy we allow them to play with mobile.

Is it safe to them? Just think!

We all are like net surfing, and access different kinds of sites on google, you tube, and we know that if we visit any website on google, search anything on YouTube, relevant content shows automatically. Mobile is harmful for children we all know because it generates harm radiation that is bad for babies. But we forget that the most dangerous thing is children who are accessed in the absence of us. So stay away mobile to your children because they are not aware of what they are accessing.

Now it’s time to teach children about outer world things. We live in a world where crime is happening. When your children are able to understand words, start talking, recognize things, play with children of the same age or your relatives.

Children love pampering, but they don’t know the right way to pampering. They enjoy all these things. Here nobody’s saves so teach your children about body parts, private body parts, good touch and bad touch whatever they are girl or boy doesn’t matter. Spend time with your children. Teach with the help of drawing, pictures etc. Don’t give mobile when you are not present around them. Don’t hesitate to teach all these important things to your child.

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