This time is no need to introduce coronavirus, at this point, everyone is fully aware of covid 19 and its symptoms, treatment, and what kind of precaution we must follow.

The question arises in my mind, after lockdown why was covid-19 not stopped. In the year 2020, almost all countries announced full lockdown so that we can break the chain of covid. Many campaigns were started with an awareness of covid-19. Everywhere rules and instructions are mentioned in public places. All private companies were started work from then why after some time again the second wave of covid came and spread all over the world. The second wave of the corona is more dangerous than the first wave. Even still we are not overcome from the second wave of the corona, the experts confirm many points about the third wave of corona.

The third wave of corona symptoms

Professor of Indian Institute of Technology warned the third wave of covid 19 may arrive in august 2021. Every virus spreads in the body differently.  Some of the common symptoms are fever, cough, and weakness. Some people can also feel body pain, diarrhea, breathing problem, headaches. 

According to  Hindustan Times, experts predict the peak point of covid-19 may be in October and it is possible the highest case would come in Maharashtra and Kerala. Experts also said that the third wave of corona is more dangerous than the second. We need to be more careful. The medical experts warned vaccinated people should be careful it may be possible the third wave can affect vaccinated people.

The new cases arrive in India approx 40000 in last hour. When we analyze the ministry of health and family welfare total active cases reached 4.10 lakh in India and also recorded 541 death on Sunday.

Covid 19 vaccination

After the first wave of covid 19, many pharma companies started manufacturing vaccines. The central and state governments distribute vaccination doses by age category and arrange lots of programs to be aware of vaccination. Many people are afraid to get a vaccine many rumors are spread among them. 

Till Sunday, approx 47 crore people were vaccinated. All states provide free vaccination for senior citizens, adults, and teenagers.  Like, Delhi recorded approx 14 lakh people vaccinated, Goa 9 lakh, Rajasthan 9 lakh 53 thousand, Andhra Pradesh 19 lakh. The central government set their aim every people must be vaccinated before arriving the third wave of corona and trying to manufacture for children. Because if we go to the point of medical experts it will also affect children and newborn babies.

Strictly lockdown in 8 states

Between July to August 12.37 lakh cases were recorded in India. According to feed data, more cases seem in the second week of July, and 2.78 lakh people were infected due to covid-19 in this week.

The government decides to strictly lockdown like last year in 8 states: West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Tamilnadu, Mizoram, Goa, Puducherry. 23 states and U.T have a partial lockdown.

Increasing of R-value 1 of Covid- 19

 Dr. Randeep Guleria said the R-value of covid-19 is “1” which is very dangerous for us. The meaning of R-value is reproduction rate, which means how many people were infected from one person. one covid people spread the virus one to another. We need to break the transmission chain and we should set “TTT”(test, track, treat). 

The value of R indicates the number of cases of covid 19. If the value of R is 1 or greater than 1 that means the number of cases is increasing. And the value of R is less than 1 which means the number of cases is decreasing.

Guidelines for the third wave of corona

The government sets many instructions and provides guidelines in public places and traditional festivals to stay safe and fit. To protect from the third wave of corona we should follow some basics steps which are given below:

  • Wash your hand regularly.
  • Properly wear a mask.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Do not touch eyes and noes frequently.
  • Use sanitizer when you go outside the home.
  • Maintain distance in the workplace.
  • If you feel ill, contact to near doctors.

If you want to defeat corona and stop the corona’s third wave, you must follow all the above steps. It is important to protect yourself. We can only stop to spread of coronavirus by self-protection. The government should be prepared for the third wave of the corona. Manufacture oxygen cylinder, increase medical facilities, medicins, mask.

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