The perfect looks make your day perfect and happy. Be your queen and make your own style. Physical attire most important for a lady. We wear matching earrings, footwear, accessories but we mistake in shade of lipstick.  Now it’s time to select the perfect lipstick shades that create an awesome look.

There are many shades of your cupboard, confused to select the perfect match? No worry at all we here to guide you how to make a perfect match. Lipstick is the center of  beauty. And it is pretty true your lips shape and your skin tone plays a more important role.

We are aware that makeup trends constantly change season by season. Perfect match says your living status. Nowadays nudge matte color in fashion. Celebrities prefer nudge makeup for stunning looks. This creates an amazing and standard look.  If you go to a night party and want to look bold, pick dark shades like brown, coke, dark magenta and hot red.

When you are ready for a morning party do light makeup in like mehndi ceremony, sangeet function or any other light party do a light and nudge makeup. Select any light shade of pink and peach. Highlight your eye makeup with colored eyeliner. Before applying lipstick apply foundation or concealer on your lips it gives finishing and creates stunning shapes of your lips.

If your skin is light ,choose paler nude. If your skin tone is dark so go for richer nude.

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