Busy busy…… day! Everyone is busy with office work, homework, and mobile. All have fixed their daily routine. Office to the house. Do you think most of the time we spend in our office and when we reach home there we mess up with buildings. We forget to live naturally. All things are artificial. Even we don’t know the importance of natural air, fresh air. Shifting the living way creates a huge difference between humans and nature. 

The year 2020 starts with the dangerous virus that is Corona Virus. Of Course, this is true for many people who have faced many problems for fooding, employment, and for a home where they lived. But if we talk the positive way so we learn cleaning, and learn more about ways of living. I was thinking where people avoid washing their hands now they regularly wash their hands and most of the time avoid unhygienic food.

In lockdown we all are locked in the home. Now the question is what we did during a lockdown? Some of us start to exercise, maintain health, some have increased their fat to eat delicious food, some spent their time in home gardening.

I realize Home gardening is the best way to release your mental stress. We all must do gardening at least 3-4 days of the week. It creates positive energy and maintains our life of standards and improves our home decor.

Plant money plants at your entry door point and it creates an awesome look of the home. Plant different kinds of hybrid flowers. You can easily plant hybrid flowers with pots on your balcony or in your garden. Fill your pots with different colors of stone. It creates a standard look for your home. Your garden is the entry and beautiful point of your home. When you see different plants, different flowers you can see a beautiful smile on your face. Because it always creates positive energy of our inner body. 

“Conclude all above if you want to create an energetic and healthy environment, fill up your garden with flowers and fill up yourself with positive energy. Live naturally and live healthily.

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