Diet VS Exercise for weight lose

Diet and exercise are two sides of a coin. Both play an important role to keep fit and healthy. It is very important to us to know every point step by step if we want an ideal weight and healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle shows your inner personality, increases your positive energy as well as your confidence level. The question arises in your mind which things are more effective to lose weight: Diet or Exercise? So let’s understand in an easy way the phrase of health is wealth and Diet VS Exercise for weight loss.


 Best Diet Plan for weight loss

Everyone is aware that quality is more important than quantity. Focus on the quality of diet helps to keep healthy in a better way. What and how much you eat has more impact on your body compared to other fitness regimens. Before doing exercise you must set your daily routine and daily diet chart for weight loss. It creates discipline and you clear in your mind how much calories you should take in daily life. Remember that, all calories you take from foods.  Weight loss and weight work on caloric consumption and expenditure concept.

Here we give Best diet plan for weight loss, follow step by step all these:

  1. Carbohydrates

carbohydrates food for weight lose

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and it helps to control your weight. You must add in your diet chart carbohydrates food for weight loss like brown rice, oats, brown bread, sweet potato, barley, legumes, black beans, banana, cherries, apple. You should avoid high sugar foods like wheat meal, white flour, white rice, bread, biscuits etc.

     2. Protein

Protein food for weight lose

Many do not know the importance of protein and neither focus on adding high rich protein food in their diet. Protein plays an important role to repair damaged cells and tissue, muscles, skin and help to pump blood. Protein helps to burn more calories compared to fat. Add in your diet protein food for weight loss are broccoli, egg, lima beans, nuts, pulses, cauliflower, guava, chicken breast, dried tomato, peas, chicken peas, green yogurt.

      3. Vitamins and minerals

vitamins and minerals food for weight lose

To support the function of the body such as the nerve system, muscles, boost metabolism, bone maintenance and produce cell vitamins A, B12, D, E, calcium and iron participate in an essential role. According to researchers we should add 100 gram greens and 100 gram fruits everyday.  Vitamins and minerals for weight loss are meat, fish, oilseeds, green vegetables, fruits, mushrooms,  milk, yogurt, almonds, tofu and soybeans.


Best exercise for weight loss

Exercise is an important part of our daily routine. Everyone should add basic exercise in their daily life, but if we talk to lose weight it plays an even more important and essential role. You can go to the gym or do it at home. It’s totally your choice. If you want to lose weight and still be confused about what type of exercise is beneficial and give more effective results, here we give some basic and best exercises for weight loss.


    1. Walking

walking for weight lose

You all think walking is any kind of exercise? So the answer is “Yes”. Walking is one of the first parts of your further exercise. You should walk at least half an hour daily in the morning and evening. You can burn calories by walking fast.


   2. Running 

Running for weight lose

Running or jogging play an important part for beginners. After walking you should run approx. 20 min everyday. You can rest one day a week. You can burn more calories daily. It prepares all body parts to work properly. Before doing some extra exercise it creates a flow so that you can exercise in an easy way. 


   3. Cycling

Cycling for weight lose

Cycling is one of the best exercises and helps to improve your body strength and lose your weight. According to experts, people who add cycling  in their daily routine have minimal risk of heart disease, and improve their insulin sensitivity and have better fitness.

    4. Swimming


Jumping for weight lose

According to Harvard researches, if any person who has 70 kg weight and swims daily half an hour they can burn approx. 233 calories. If anyone suffers from joint pains then they must swim daily. It increases flow of blood circulation and movement of the body.


   5.Rope Jumping

Jumping for weight lose

 In childhood many of us have experience of rope jumping. It helps to lose weight as well as it has many benefits. If you jump rope regularly you free from stress, it help to improve heart health, increase concentration, body stamina, body flexibility, help to boost your mental health and also help to decrease your belly fat.

All above we can easily conclude that diet and exercise both are important for our fitness. Some points you should remember are that you eat 15 gram fiber foods and you must have an early  and light dinner till 8 pm. After dinner, walk slowly at least 15-30 min daily. Drink lots of water such as 6-8 glasses of water daily which help to increase digestion and also it is helpful for our skin. Both are important for us Diet VS Exercise For Weight Loss.”

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